Les Chantiers de l’Atlantique recently unveiled the Solid Sail project, an innovative sailing propulsion solution designed for cruise ships and commercial vessels.
Solid Sail is a rigid sail concept, and part of a program designed to improve energy efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of cruise ships. Made from rectangular panels, Solid Sail offers a folding composite sail with a final surface area of 1200m².
Following a series of sea trials and demonstrations, the next step of the project will come in autumn 2021, with the construction and installation of a 38m mast and 550m² sail on the Saint Nazaire site. After this will come a full-scale demonstration unit featuring a 95m mast and a 1200m² sail.
The Wichard Group is proud to have been chosen as one of the industrial partners for this ambitious and innovative new project. Thanks to their various companies and extensive skill set, the Wichard Group will support Les Chantiers de l’Atlantique in the design, development and production of systems to maneuver the sails (tracks, mainsail and jib cars, jib furlers and other fittings). Part of the fabrication of the carbon masts will be handled by Lorima as part of a Brittany based industrial consortium which includes Multiplast, CDK, SMM and Avel Robotique.
The extraordinary scale and scope of the Solid Sail project is a new opportunity to demonstrate the synergy in play among the various companies and brands within the Group (Facnor, Lorima, Profurl and Wichard).

A quote from our CEO Jean-Claude IBOS: “We are excited about being part of this innovative and ambitious new project, one which will bring together a number of local companies in the French marine and nautical industry. This is an opportunity for our industry to radiate and gain traction in high-value sectors. The Wichard Group would like to thank the Pays de la Loire and Bretagne regional authorities for their support of the project.