As well as having specific sections for multihull masts, Sparcraft also has a unique range of multihull accessories like prodders and crossbeams which are now available in Australia.

The aluminium prodder – also called tangonnet in French – bears and pushes forward asymmetrical spinnakers or gennakers in order to have more fluent manoeuvres. It is a custom product and it has to be specified to suit each boat. Great for Lagoons, Leopards, Fountaine Pajeots, Seawinds etc…We can customise those to any boat size so please contact us if you are interested.

Sparcraft also developed specific crossbeams with innovative structure and ergonomics for multihulls, bearing in mind safety, style, structure and easy assembly. Two sections (T44 & T55) are available and cover a range of boats from 37 to 65’. The crossbeams are easy to install as nothing is welded and all fixations are done with screws or rivets. The section is flat on the top, and the bridle ends are concealed inside the section for good ergonomics, safety and for maximum integration of structural elements.

The Sparcraft removable bowsprits, available for boats from 25 to 60’, come with 4 sections ranging between 70 and 100mm.

Features like the automatic locking device on deck fixing blocks makes the installation very easy, the removal quick and the storage simple on a 3rd fixing block. The locking system also includes an anti-theft device.

The complete kit includes all special end fittings and pre-installed (bridle attachment at the front, and fixing block device at the back), an adjustable central fixing collar (captive but removable from the fixing block which is great at it means the foredeck is totally free), an integrated line stopper (great to hold the tack line), deck fitting blocks, two counter plates and even deck fitting covers !

All sizes are available in Australia, contact us for shipping costs.