Non moving parts or more commonly known as NMPs are the vision  Tye Tec designers had in mind when they designed the range, a more sophisticated version of the popular friction rings.

The NMPs have different attachment points to accommodate webbing strips or lashing rope, for reefing lines, vang purchase systems or backstay cascades. Each application has a specific NMP that will suit best the application. The simplicity and beauty of the product makes it easier to use in situations where you would traditionally use blocks. They are built in hard anodized aluminium so you can achieve very high working loads with ridiculously low weight.

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PART NumberD1HBWEIGHTMWLRope diameter
NMP 26101010mm26mm10mm5g1.000Kgmax 5mm
NMP 32121212mm32mm12mm9g1.200kgmax 6mm
NMP 38151515mm38mm15mm15g1.600kgmax 8mm
NMP 47181818mm47mm18mm26g3.500kgmax 10mm
NMP 56222222mm56mm22mm47g6.000kgmax 12mm
NMP 64252525mm64mm25mm67g12.000kgmax 14mm
PART NumberD1HBWEIGHTMWLRope diameter
NMP-S 38151515mm48mm15mm18g1.600kgmax 8mm
NMP-S 47181818mm55mm18mm30g3.500kgmax 10mm
NMP-S 56222222mm66mm22mm55g6.000kgmax 12mm
NMP-S 64252525mm74mm25mm80g12.000kgmax 14mm