Yvan Bourgnon was sailing around the world in his small 20ft catamaran, and he was so shocked by the pollution he saw floating in our oceans that he decided to build a very special boat that would be able to clean the oceans! The Sea Cleaner Project was born.

The Mantra Project is a boat that is designed to collect trash and polution of the oceans. The boat will be a Quadrimaran  of  72 meters long by 60 meter width, will be able to collect 300 meter cubic of plastic and garbage. During the collecting the boat will emit electronic sounds so marine life stay away from the nets.

The project just raised  150.000 Euros via a crowd funding campaign. They are going to build a scale model to test the concept of the boat. Wichard and Profurl are involved the project supplying different parts and also studying and designing some custom parts for the project.