Sparcraft Booms Breakdown partsThe Sparcraft booms can fit almost every mast and every boat, they are produced in La Rochelle France with high end anodizing standards.  The Racing range has 3 “max depth” sections with high rigidity. The semi custom Canoe booms offer 2 sections for boats from 45′ to 95′

-The F Section standard aluminium booms:

There are 8 different profiles that will adjust to a wide range of options depending on the boat size, sail plan, mast, sheeting points… All the booms are equipped for internal reef, with standard reefs  (integrated clamps) or single line reefing systems.

– The R Sections racing aluminium boom:

This range has a high rigidity boom, with vertical inertia for racing or fast cruising sailing boats. These booms will enable us to increase the projected area of the mainsail. It comes with a built-in vang attachment, gooseneck tang to fit an outhaul purchase or cylinder. An integrated automatic reefing system is also available.

– Canoe Booms:

 The Canoe Booms are a convenient way to store easily large sail areas combined with well balanced Lazy Jack Systems. There are available in two sizes and can be used with a single line reefing system.

– Custom Booms:

Sparcraft has the knowledge and facility to design and build booms for any sailing yacht.

Download the boom catalogue, to see all the accessories available.