Below is a handy guide on how to identify our furlers and where to find all related manuals and catalogues for each brand. Scroll all the way down if you just want to download the manuals.

1.How do I identify Profurl and Facnor furlers ?

Generally Profurl will have a green mechanism (top or bottom), sometimes white (Elite range) or even silver if the unit is from an older range. Facnor mostly has black or silver mechanisms (drum or top swivel).

2. Look for the serial number/model.

You should be able to locate a sticker on the drum with the model #, however Profurl also has a serial number with 6 digits engraved on both mechanisms which we can always identify in our database. Contact us once you have found the actual serial number. With Facnor, if the sticker with the model # has been erased, you can always take accurate measurements of the foil sections and contact us.  We also have at our disposal an extensive data base for most production boats, going back three decades.

3. Know the diameter of your extrusion.

Measuring accurately the outer diameter of the foil should provide the model of your furler. See the tables below for both brands.


Once you have identified the model of your furler, you can look in the exploded version of the technical manuals for part numbers. Alternatively you can contact us and we will help you through the process.