The Wichard Group, specialized in the design, manufacture, and distribution of products for the marine and
industrial markets, is proud to announce the successful acquisition of Axxon Composites, a renowned company
specializing in the manufacture of composite masts, booms and rigging.

This acquisition marks a crucial step in the Wichard Group’s growth strategy, reinforcing its commitment to
innovation and quality. Axxon Composites, renowned for its expertise in the manufacture of high-performance
composite parts, will bring its unique know-how to the Wichard Group’s portfolio of brands.

One of the benefits of this acquisition lies in the strategic fit with the Lorima brand, which joined the Wichard
Group in 2019. With these two key players in the carbon spar sector, the Wichard Group will be able to address
different market segments. Lorima will be able to strengthen its focus on the mega yacht, ocean racing, and
cruising catamaran segments above 70 feet. This focus will allow Axxon Composites to consolidate its leading
position in the cruising and racing yacht segment under 70 feet. The new acquisition will also complement the
aluminium masts and booms already offered by the Sparcraft brand.

Finally, its arrival will help strengthen the Wichard Group’s global production capacities, with the aim of
improving customer service and fostering numerous industrial and commercial synergies. By means of an
industrial agreement, collaboration between Axxon Composites and the Wichard Group had already begun,
enabling efficient and rapid future integration within the Group.

Following the recent acquisition of Australian equipment manufacturer Ronstan, the Wichard Group now
represents annual sales of 110 million euros and 650 employees.

“We are delighted to welcome Axxon to the Wichard Group. This acquisition enables us to offer our customers a
wide range of carbon masts. We are able to equip both racing and cruising and merchant vessels in sizes ranging
from 35’ to over 150’. At the end of 2023, we will be finalizing the constitution of a coherent, high-quality
industrial offer, which will enable us to position ourselves widely in the deck equipment market for sailing boats,
but also in the industrial world, whenever safety and performance are required”.
Jean-Claude Ibos – Chairman Wichard Group

“I’m excited that Axxon is joining the Wichard Group, enabling it to become a major player in carbon masts. I’m
sure that Axxon will contribute to the Group’s success.

Axxon was born of the meeting of three men: Eric Duchemin, a world-renowned expert in carbon mast
manufacturing with over 30 years’ experience, Philippe Boclet, a composite manufacturer with over 25 years’
experience in Romania, and Marius Tolbas, the company’s operational director. Starting from a blank sheet of
paper in 2010, Axxon has become the leader in the OEM market for carbon masts between 35’ and 80’ in Europe,
thanks to the know-how and technological mastery combined with the skill and enthusiasm of its people, who are
the company’s primary strength. Axxon will complement Lorima, which operates in the market for larger masts for
ocean racing and merchant marine.”
Philippe Boclet – Axxon Composites

About the Wichard Group
Formed around the century-old company Wichard, the eponymous group boasts a strong positioning based
on performance and safety. The Wichard Group owns prestigious brands (Wichard, Ronstan, Profurl, Sparcraft,
Facnor, Lorima, Peguet / Maillon Rapide and Courant), enabling it to offer a wide range of products:
aluminium and carbon masts, marine and industrial fittings, winches, tracks, sail furling systems, ropes and PPE,
customised parts for industry. With its teams of employees, its two subsidiaries (in the USA and Australia) and
its distribution networks, the Wichard Group is a recognised international player in its fields of activity.
The Wichard Group is owned by the French private equity firm Azulis in association with part of the