After the successful launch of the ProLine tethers 2 years ago, Wichard is adding to the range this month with 2 releasable models (3 and 2 clip versions) now available in Australia. Whereas the initial version featured the 3 ProSnap clips (loved by all), for those who prefer the quick snap option the new models have a quick opening snap shackle forged in 316L grade stainless steel.

The 3 clip version is the lightest and most compact tether available on the market at 470 grs !
Wichard carefully selected materials (aluminium, carbon fibre etc…) for weight saving and greater performance:
– Visible at night, the webbing is designed with materials that absorb very little water and dry quickly
– The overload indicator is as per ISAF offshore regulations
– The ProSnap clip is forged in special aluminium to ensure excellent rustproof qualities and minimum weight
The wide opening of the clip (26 mm) makes hooking and unhooking easy with one hand.

Contact us [email protected] if you want more information.