After a 20 year long success with its fluorescent safety knives – which can be seen on most yachts around the world – Wichard is launching a new design with a safety knife and line cutter which will be launched at Sydney Boat Show early August. The new range will already be available in Australia at the end of this month, so check your nearest chandlery or contact us at [email protected]. A fixed blade version will be available initially, followed by a folding blade model at the start of our next summer season, and a fully black version is also available upon request.

The new range was specifically developed for rescue operations as well as extreme sports (offshore racing, sport catamarans, white water sports …) and, as with all Wichard knives, you can expect an un-compromised level of quality, thanks to careful material selection (N680 stainless steel grade), which brings even higher corrosion resistance than the previous models, as well as outstanding cutting power. Each knife comes in a secured polyurethane sheath (with a positive locking feature as always) which, by its shape and design, enables the knife to be positioned and attached in many different ways: the many fastening points allows personal wear (lifejacket, arm, leg…) but also on various locations (cockpit, steering wheel, mast foot, trampoline, catamaran cross beams…).

The new models still glow in the dark, which is an amazing feature for extreme situations.

The ergonomic design and the very light weight aspect (86 grams!) make it such a great knife to carry around in all situations. The blade is fully serrated with a  rounded tip for safety, and features a shackle key (up to 12mm dia) which makes it even more versatile for sailors.


The new line cutter also has a great modern & ergonomic design, and features the same light weight (80 grams with sheath) and fluorescent features as the safety knife.

The blade, made of stainless steel and 40mm long, has been specifically treated and hardened (70 HRC) for better and longer cutting power. It features a shackle key for up to 12mm diameter.

The ergonomic handle, made of polyamide and glass fiber, offers fantastic grip and great handling.

The new model was also designed for extreme sports and rescue operations, and enables to quickly cut any small line (up to 9mm dia) like Dyneema, net lines webbing, kite lines…

The secured sheath offers multiple fastening positions which is very handy for kite surfing and white water sports.

Feel free to contact us for pricing and stock availability.