• What has Covid-19 taught you about your business?

To be adaptable and to keep the wheels turning by any means possible.

Keep communicating with your customers and staff and try to stay positive.

  • How have you found inspiration to adapt to the new “normal”?

It was sort of business as usual for us as service work didn’t really slow down

so we just kept focusing on trying to keep things as normal as we could in an

attempt to keep motivated and not caught up in the emotion of it all.

  • What have you found your regular customers wanted done during these unusual times?

Most were happy with getting service or alterations done in the downtime and this was

A steady stream. A very few were happy to go ahead with new sail purchases at the time

the pandemic hit but that has eased as things developed.

  • Different BIAs have allowed sailing in some states, with maximum of 2 people…do you believe it may be the start of solo or double-handed sailing in Australia?

We are going to see more and more double-handed racing in Australia. It was getting

a lot of traction before Covid 19 drama hit and I think that conservative yacht owners could see

minimal crew numbers as the right thing to do as we try to get back to the new norm.

  • How do you see the start of the next sailing season?

I think we are very lucky in Australia with how things have gone to date and I know most if not

all of our sailing customers can’t wait to get out there and go sailing and this is from off the beach

dinghies to offshore racing yachts. So I think we may even see participation numbers up for the next sailing season and this is great for our sport and our industry.