• What has Covid-19 taught you about your business?

It has made us look for new ways to engage with our clients. We have been running regular Webinars on a huge range of topics which have been very successful. People are hungry for knowledge that they can put to use when they get back out on the water. Nothing beats meeting face to face but by utilizing video conferencing we can save a lot of time which will pay dividends long after Covid 19 has gone away especially as people become more time-poor and are limited when they can get to their boat

  • How have you found inspiration to adapt to the new “normal”?

Its tough times for anyone in the marine industry. Our focus is making sure we keep responding to our client’s needs now so they are ready to go when the sailing starts back up again

  • What have you found your regular customers wanted to be done during these unusual times?

A lot of our clients have been getting winter service done early which has been great. Canvas work is also very busy as people are using the downtime to care of any refit jobs they have been putting off.

  • Different BIAs have allowed sailing in some states, with a maximum of 2 people…do you believe it may be the start of solo or double-handed sailing in Australia?

It won’t hurt that’s for sure.  Short-handed sailing is on the verge of exploding in Australia as it has done in New Zealand and Europe. With the races scheduled by the CYC and other clubs as well as a 2 handed division in the Hobart race I sure we will see a healthy take-up in events all over Australia

  • How do you see the start of the next sailing season?

Busy, I know everyone is keen to get back out there!