The new quick plug in FXH hydraulic furler has been designed to make Code 0/Asymmetric furling even easier on boats 50’ and above with the titanium jaw, and positive quick release pin, the new furler is compact, light, very aesthetic and quickly installed. As standard it is supplied with an articulated toggle, a swivel – fitted with a standard or a 2 to 1 top attachment and a protection cover.

The power can be supplied either through the boats existing hydraulic power unit by adding an extension tube circuit dedicated to the furler or the adding a Facnor control box and  a 5 meter long flexible tube to the existing hydraulic power unit.

Alternatively a Facnor micro-hydraulic power box with control box and a 5 meter flexible tube.

The FXH 7000 model is designed to suit boats from 50 to 65’, and the FXH 12000 version (standard or racing option) for 65’ boats and above.

An integrated in-deck version (IDXH) is also available on request. Please contact us on [email protected] to get a quote or further information.