The new version of the Nex furler is now available with many innovations and technological improvements. These innovations, resulting from the Profurl expertise gained since the launch of the first version of the NEX in 2010 will bring you even more performance, safety and comfort when sailing.

The new range currently has 7 models covering all sizes of sails (up to 350m²) which will allow to equip boats over 80′.

Interestingly the previous 5.0 model has been replaced by a 4.0 unit with an increased spool diameter. This makes it a perfect contender for boats between 45 and 55′ for which we often find ourselves borderline.

The new range offers several new terminal options both lower spool and top swivel, including a very smart light and cost effective 3:1 hard sheave and a new sleek halyard block. Top swivel can also come with lashing eyes, which is a great lightweight and versatile option to add on certain boats.

The new NEX drums are now the widest on the market, which will be welcomed by users for faster and more comfortable furling.

The furlassist double direction ratchet is the major innovation of the new range – the most simple pawl system which provides intuitive and safe assistance for furling. The pawl is permanently engaged so very reliable, and only unlocks when hauling in the line or the sheet fast. It operates in both directions and without additional line. It is also as easy to install than remove, relying on 2 screws.

nex 0.9nex 1.5nex 2.5nex 4.0nex 6.5nex 8nex 12
Max light sail area (i.e gennaker)35 Sqm60 Sqm80 Sqm120 Sqm220 Sqm250 Sqm350 Sqm
Max stormsail area-20 Sqm30 Sqm45 Sqm65 Sqm--
Ratchet feature FurlAssist-YesYesYesYesYesYes
Working Load900 Kg1500 Kg2500 Kg4000 Kg6500 Kg8000 Kg12.000 Kg
Spool diameter120 mm150 mm180 mm220 mm220 mm250 mm250 mm
Standard lower terminalClevis pin snap shackleClevis pin snap shackleClevis pin snap shackleClevis pin snap shackleTrigger snap shackleTrigger snap shackle
Standard upper terminalSwivel eyeD shackleD shackleD shackleD shackleD shackleD shackle
Examples for a monohullMini 6.50 - Cruising boat 27'Cruising boat 32 'Cruising boat 42 'Cruising boat 50 'Cruising boat 55 'Cruising boat 60 'Cruising boat
+65 '
DescriptionD shackleSwivel eyeHalyard blockMXEvo: halyard shackleClevis pin snap shackleSpeedlink: trigger snap shackleSolid sheaveSwivel hook
For modelsAs standard on all models but NEX 0.9> NEX 0.9: as standard
> Option: from NEX
1.5 to NEX 6.5
>Option for all models (not available for NEX 0.9 & NEX1.5)> Option for all models> As standard on all models from NEX 0.9 to NEX4.0
> Wichard forged snap shackle.
> Ergnomic ball for quick opening
> As standard from NEX 6.5 to 8.0>Option: from NEX1.5 to NEX12.0NEX4.0, NEX 6.5 and NEX8.0
Benefits>Wichard forged shackle in High
resistance stainless steel
> Compact
>Prevents the rope wear
> Perfect for lashings
> 2/1 halyard
> No loop - no twist
> Dismantable
> With balls + bearing
> 2/1 halyard
> Becket for 3/1 purchase
> Heavy load
> Compact
> Stainless steel
> Rope dia: 8 to 14 mm
> Working loads adapted to models> Wichard forged snap shackle
> Quick opening
> Compact
> Working loads adapted to models
> With becket
> Quick opening
> 3/1 purchase
> Stainless steel
> Weight savings
> Compact
> Ease of installation (no drilling)
> Reduce mast compression
Upper terminalsYYYY---Y
Lower terminals---YYYY-