Profurl Swivel Lock

Halyard locks were mostly designed to manage big loads on big boats. They solve most of the problems that you will encounter on a halyard such as stretch, chafe and mast compression. The system is quite simple: it locks the sail into the mast once it is hoisted without relying on a clutch or a winch.

There are different systems on the market for which you normally need a “trip line” – a dedicated line that goes up the mast to disengage the lock and be able to drop the sail.

Solo sailors quickly saw some of the weaknesses to the early systems…they challenged the engineers at Profurl & Facnor design offices on how to improve the systems and get rid of the “trip line”.

The system that was subsequently developed and is available now only needs the halyard itself to be locked and unlocked. Basically, the sail locks itself once you arrive at full hoist. In order to unlock, you simply pull the halyard down and the system unlocks itself.

Internal Halyard Locks by Facnor

  • The body of the lock is made from high resistance stainless steel or titanium depending of model.
  • The body is supported by the contact area and it has a fixation of two screws.
  • Easy installation with a template provided.


Body Weight0.268KG0.552KG1.064KG2.21KG2.85KG3.78KG
Bullet Weight0.060KG0.108KG0.235KG0.446KG0.62KG0.82KG
Kevlar Equivalent7T10T14T25T30T40T
ROD Equivalent#8#12#17#30#40#48
Wire 1x19 Equivalent7mm8mm10mm14mm16mm19mm
Dyform Equivalent6mm7mm8mm12mm14mm16mm


Installation of a 5T internal halyard lock on a Buizen 48 installed by Phil Bate from Riggtech 


External Swivel Halyard Lock by 


The external halyard swivel locks integrate the swivel into the lock. Developed by Profurl with the top solo

french sailors. Has allowed increasing the performance on offshore sailing.

The swivel lock incorporates the Ceramic Bearing Technology which reduces friction and weight. Using these extremely corrosion-resistant bearings enables Profurl to banish metal fastenings.