Profurl recently launched the NEXe, an electric Code 0 furler, for boats 45′ and above…you can now furl your giant Code 0 or Asymmetrical just with a push of a button!

Profurl managed to fit the motor in a very compact & flat casing, which allows you to keep your maximum luff length. The NEXe has a big handle and snap shackle underneath the spool so it makes it quite easy to fit on the bowsprit. The shape of the NEXe is designed to sit in the natural position of a traditional flying sail furler, with a very similar bulk. Two sizes are available at this stage, a 5.0 model which would suit boats from 45 to 55′, depending on sail areas as well as boat displacement of course, and an 8.0 model for larger boats.

The electrical side of the system is quite easy to install. A relay box and circuit breaker are supplied with the furler, and connect to the power supply of the boat (12 V or 24 V). The system includes a waterproof outlet that has to be installed on the bow of the boat. With this simple installation, you just need to plug the NEXe and set your Code 0. And unplug when you are finished!

Come and check our (working) demo at the Sydney Boat Show from August 1st to 5th 2019.