• What has Covid-19 taught you about your business?

Covid-19 had taught us that wea are all in this together……. Business, clients, suppliers…. Everyone have all been supportive of the changes we as a country have had to make to stop the spread. Importantly, people have been understanding which as a business goes a long way…..  Individually, all our customers have been supportive with these changes…. Which has allowed us to continue to provide the level of service they expect.

  • How have you found inspiration to adapt to the new “normal”?

Normal… will we ever see ‘normal again? One thing I’m finding myself doing more and more of is picking up the phone and talking to people. Conversations are often much better than an email and having the time to be able to talk with customers/suppliers has been a positive experience. It’s something I would like to try to continue once we do return to ‘normal’ whatever that may be….

  • What have you found your regular customers wanted done during these unusual times?

A lot of  our regular clients have booked in maintenance, re-rigs, services that they would normally not have time to do with their boats being used so much….. Many have looked at the positive side of the shutdown as a chance to get work done… Thankfully we have been able to help them do this so that they are ready to set sail one the lockdown is lifted. There would be nothing worse than having a failure day 1 into the sailing/cursing season post COVID19!!

  • Different BIAs have allowed sailing in some states, with maximum 2 people…do you believe it may be the start of solo or double-handed sailing in Australia?

The Sydney to Hobart is including it for this year.. and the Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race has in previous years. With inclusions like hardware upgrades and asso/code 0 furling kits now readily available at various pricing levels… it’s never been easier to take up short handed sailing. I think naturally the progression to short handed sailing is just a by product of a clients need to make is easy to use… Which is how good sail boats should be set up. If one person can operate it….. that’s a good setup.

  • How do you see the start of the next sailing season?

 It certainly will be a great event….hopefully it’s not too far away. We are all supporters of this sport / lifestyle/ pastime….. It’s sad to see so little sailing going on. But I hope it will bring people back in greater numbers…… you only really miss something when your told you can’t have it. Until such date, stay safe…and in the meantime, if we can help with your vessel just get in contact.