There are plenty of options for headsail furling on small boats.

Between Profurl & Facnor, we cover a wide range of options for all budgets and sailing programs.

There are two categories of headsail furlers, each of them they have their advantages and disadvantages:

Furlers with extrusions

The classic headsail furlers – fitted on most cruising boats- are very reliable and strong. They provide the possibility of sailing with the sail partially furled, with a single furling line. Profurl offers the C260 model, a simple furler with a self-contained halyard  for boats up to 7 meters.  Facnor offers the LS/LX70 model, which accepts up to 5mm forestay on boats up to 8m. Alternatively – for a more racing look – the Flatdeck furler FD110 can be fitted on boats up to 9m with a 7mm forestay.

Pros:                                                                                                     Cons:

  • Sail with a reefed sail.                                                             Heavy system.

  • Easier to change sails.                                                            More Complex installation.

  • Possibility to peel sails.

  • Keep the luff tape on the sails

Profurl C26016ft-23ftCruisingmax.5mmRound$
Facnor LS7021ft-26ftCruisingmax. 5mmRound$$
Profurl C29023ft-32ftCruisingmax. 7mmRound$$
Profurl R25020ft-30ftRacingmax. 6,35mmElliptical$$$
Facnor FD 11020ft-26ftRacingmax 7mmElliptical$$$
Profurl PROAM 1.016ft-23ft Cruising/Racing5mmNo extrusions$$$
Profurl PRO AM 2.023ft-30ftCruising/Racing6mmNo extrusions$$$
Profurl PROAM 3.030ft-40ftRacing7mmNo extrusions$$$

Structural Furlers

Structural furlers do not have extrusions like the classic furlers, but rely instead on a good anti-torque cable or wire which connects the swivel at the top and the spool at the bottom, and acts as the forestay. This way you avoid all the weight of the extrusions, which can be up to 30% on a similar size classic furler. The system has a continuous furling line on the spool. Those systems are perfect for day boats, sports boats and One design/Class boats.

Profurl offers different versions of structural furlers, which takes forestays up to 7mm in diameter.

Pros:                                                                                              Cons:

  • Light system                                                                      Harder to change sails.

  • Easy installation.                                                            Can’t sail with a reefed or partially furled sail.

  • Longer luff length.